(2 year program)

The Master of Ministry Leadership (MML) is a professional degree designed for men and women who have a bachelor’s degree and are serving on a church staff or in other ministry positions. The focus of this degree is on developing servant leadership skills for local church ministry. The curriculum may be completed in two years, although many students take longer due to family, church, and job responsibilities. Is the Master of Ministry Leadership right for you? It only takes a few minutes to apply now.

MML Goals: Graduates will demonstrate:

  1. an understanding of God’s purpose in their lives and adjust their lives according to that purpose.
  2. an understanding of how to lead a church in nurturing the spiritual life and worship God.
  3. understanding of how to lead a church in sharing the faith in word and deed.
  4. understanding of how to lead a church or ministry to study the Bible and help others grow spiritually.
  5. how to lead a church in equipping and mobilizing others for ministry.
  6. understanding in leading a church in developing effective relationships with others.
  7. cognitive and affective skills required of a ministry leader.
  8. a commitment to a lifelong, intentional process of spiritual development and professional growth.

Summative Evaluation: Development of a portfolio that demonstrates the accomplishment of the program goals and competencies for ministry.

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The Recovery Ministry Concentration is designed for men and women serving as ministry leaders in Celebrate Recovery® and other faith-based recovery ministries.

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