“Rockbridge gives you the training and the confidence to believe that every member is a minister. People can stay in their jobs and be ministers in the marketplace with more effectiveness if they have a tool like Rockbridge behind them.”  Kathy Martin, Rockbridge Graduate


Get Connected

“This is the wave of the future. I never felt more connected to my classmates or professors than I did at Rockbridge.” – Chris Coppernoll (Author, Speaker & Rockbridge Graduate)

Learn Where you serve

Growing numbers of learners are finding that online learning opens educational opportunities that normally would not be available.

Bending your busy schedule to fit with the schedule of the school is not always possible. Perhaps your work or ministry responsibilities keep you from carving out time to attend a class that meets at a scheduled time each week or month. Online learning allows you to learn according to YOUR schedule, not the seminary’s schedule. That could be in the middle of the night or the first thing in the morning. You decide. Rockbridge’s practical learning approach utilizes the web to deliver relevant seminary training.

A traditional classroom schedule can be a problem if a student needs to travel for work or needs to plan a mission trip to another country. Online learning is “anyplace learning.” Wherever you have access to the Internet, you can participate in online learning.

Attending a traditional class will cost you gasoline, car mileage, and parking expense. Though not a direct cost, you will not spend time sitting in traffic on a freeway or in a classroom waiting for class to begin. Online learning requires only that you own a computer that has access to the Internet, investments most families have already made.

Rockbridge Seminary offers two academic programs. Each program is designed to help develop servant leaders for Christian ministry through learning experiences that allow them to study and practice without leaving their ministry field.




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If you are not completely satisfied with the online seminary learning experience after beginning your first course, Rockbridge Seminary will refund your tuition in full.