SPRINGFIELD, MO (Jun. 9, 2010)−Rockbridge Seminary, a fully online seminary that allows students to learn while serving in a ministry role, today announced Seminary Test Drive, a program that targets potential students who are ready to begin their seminary education, but are hesitant about 100 percent online learning. The new program allows a student to register for any course on the schedule and pay only one-half of the regular tuition fees, as long as the student agrees to enroll for the next term, if they are satisfied with their online learning experience.
“We developed the Seminary Test Drive program because we understand that not everyone is ready to jump in and fully commit to e-learning,” explains President Daryl Eldridge. “Through this new program we hope to address those concerns and help these students realize the many benefits and rewards associated with online learning.”
Eldridge says that in his conversations with prospective seminary students he hears questions like: “Will I feel part of a learning community or feel isolated and alone?” “Will I learn as well as I would in a traditional classroom?” “When I need help, will I have the support I need?”
Confident that most Test Drive students will be satisfied with the e-learning experience, Eldridge invites potential seminary students to apply for the Test Drive program. A limited number of Test Drive applicants are selected for the program each 8-week term.

Rockbridge Seminary is a degree-granting institution of higher learning that exists to develop servant leaders for Christian ministry through learning experiences that allow them to study and practice without leaving their ministry field.
The learning experiences provided by Rockbridge Seminary are delivered fully online, based on a curriculum that is designed around the biblical purposes of the church, and guided by ministry competencies.
Rick Warren, Saddleback Church’s senior pastor, calls Rockbridge Seminary the “future of global seminary education.” For additional information, visit www.rockbridgeseminary.org.

According to a recent study conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group and The Sloan Consortium, online learning continues to grow “at rates far in excess of the total higher education student population.” The study found that “more than one in four higher education students now take at least one course online.” The majority of chief academic officers surveyed in the study affirm that learning outcomes for online learning compared to face-to-face learning is equivalent or superior. For additional information, visit www.sloan-c.org/publications/survey/learning_on_demand_sr2010.