Improvements are made to courses each term based on the feedback we receive from both learners and professors. Below are the improvements made recently to courses that will be offered during the May 2010 Term (2010-T3):

Building an Effective Ministry Team (M6405)

  • Dropped required textbook Leading the Team-Based Church: How Pastors and Church Staffs Can Grow Together into a Powerful Fellowship of Leaders by George Cladis (Jossey-Bass, 1999)
  • Added required textbook Staff your Church for Growth: Building Team Ministry in the 21st Century, Author: Gary L. McIntosh (Baker, 2000)
  • Divided “Assessing a Team’s Health Report” assignment into 2 parts
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Personal Counseling Skills (F6404)

  • Adjusted reading assignments to be more focused
  • Added annotated bibliography assignment requiring students to gather web resources for the top counseling issues on their field of ministry
  • Modified role play exercises to give the exercises more structure and clarity
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Created To Learn (D5405)

  • Added additional materials and video teaching segments to Unit 3
  • Added 2 major assignments that will be more effective in applying the course material to local church ministry: “Writing Instructional Objectives” and “Educational Program Assessment”
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Church History I (D6451)/Church History (D3351)

  • Modified the two major assignments to help students strengthen the skill of evaluating ministry programs and issues in light of church history and theology.
  • Assignment 1: Write a “Theological Controversy Paper” and draw contemporary lessons on one of 3 topics: Monarchianism, Nestorianism, or Pelagianism.
  • Assignment 2: Complete a church program assessment based on church history and theology on one of the following: evangelism/missions program, recovery ministry program, or discipleship program.
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  • View pre-term syllabus copy of D3351

The Theology & Purpose of Ministry (M5401/M1301)

The Theology & Purpose of Discipleship (D5401)

  • Added Growing True Disciples by George Barna to the optional reading list
  • Divided “Theological Paper on Discipleship” assignment into 3 parts.
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