Kerry Mackey is pastor of Adult Ministries at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and just finished teaching the Rockbridge Seminary online course “The Theology & Practice of Fellowship.” Here are comments posted on his blog, Street to the Seat:

I have just finished teaching another semester for Rockbridge … the learning environment it creates for men and women around the world who desire a seminary education when they can not or do not desire to leave their ministry position to attend a traditional seminary is phenomenal.

I wish that you could read the Learning Assessments that I just read,  about how these students ranging in age for 25 to 65 are now implementing their learnings in the context of their local congregation.

In addition, since each student is working alongside a mentor within their local church environment- how much more rich that is for them. They are learning online with students from all over the world while being mentored by a local pastor/minister, all the while some of the most knowledgeable persons in the their specific field of ministry facilitating the entire learning community.

I know what you are thinking… It’s just to good to be true… I can get my seminary education fully online while collaborating with men/women around the world from the comfort of my own home while sitting in my pajamas sipping a hot cup of coffee…. BUT, you can!