The Rockbridge Seminary Seal

The Rockbridge Seminary seal consists of five ellipses that represent the five purposes of the church. The middle ellipse represents worship. We were created to worship. Worship is at the center of the church. The right ellipse represents fellowship. The top ellipse represents discipleship. The left ellipse represents ministry, and the bottom ellipse represents evangelism.

You will also notice the five ellipses are in the shape of a cross, signifying our desire to serve Christ because of His love for us. We show these five purposes as intertwined because no purpose stands on its own. For example, you can’t disciple without fellowship, ministry, evangelism, or worship.

The rectangle in the center of the logo represents the Bible, God’s Word. The Bible is our authoritative source for the five purposes and for Rockbridge Seminary. The ancient-future, Celtic look is an acknowledgment these purposes are timeless. The five purposes have existed in some expression for thousands of years. We are joining a “cloud of witnesses” who have given themselves to living out these purposes.

Blue represents loyalty, commitment, and steadfastness. We are deeply committed to developing spiritual leaders who will share God’s Good News to the world and build healthy, growing churches.

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