Transferring Credit

Rockbridge Seminary allows for students to transfer previously earned transcripted course credits into one of the degree programs.  The following guiding principles normally influence the decision regarding granting transfer credit.

  1. RS makes the decision on granting course credit on all transfer credit requests.  Generally courses from an accredited institution that is accredited by one of the regional accrediting agencies will be considered for transfer credit.  Course descriptions will need to be similar to RS course descriptions.  Only courses with a grade of “C” or better will be considered for transfer credit.
  2. RS will consider courses from non-accredited institutions based upon the evaluation of the quality and reputation of the institution that has awarded the course credit.
  3. A student may only transfer credits into a RS program that have been transcripted at the same level.  RS does not allow a student to transfer credit into a RS program that has previously been transcripted on a different level degree program.
  4. Students may transfer to a RS degree up to half of the requirements for the selected degree program.
  5. Students who have completed a degree of the same level at RS or another institution will not be allowed to transfer credit hours that would be more than half of the new selected degree program.

MDiv students considering enrolling in a course from another seminary with the intent of transferring the credits from that course into their RS academic program should ask for a course review first before enrolling in the course.

RS does not provide the general education courses required in the Diploma of Ministry Studies program, but accepts general education credit hours from other accredited institutions. Ozark Technical Community College is the preferred provider for the general education requirements, but students may transfer credit in from other accredited schools (taken prior to and after enrolling in RS) if the course meets the general education requirements set forth in the Catalog.

All transcripts must be mailed from the issuing school  to:

Rockbridge Seminary
3111 E Battlefield St
Springfield, MO 65804


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